Mid Century Modern Sofas: A Consumer Buying Guide

Mid Century Modern Filmore Tan Leather Sofa - 31"H x 89"W x 35"D

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A mid-century modern leather sofa is a classic piece of furniture that will last for generations.

The mid century modern style is an excellent choice for someone who wants to add a touch of class and sophistication. 

The beauty of these sofas is that they can be found in many different colors and patterns, allowing them to fit into any home décor.

This guide will continue by providing more info on mid-century modern leather sofas, whether they may or may not fit in with your design plans, and how to find a great piece of furniture that you will love.

What is a mid century Modern leather sofa?

A mid-century modern leather sofa is an elegant piece of furniture that can be used in any home. They are typically found in many design magazines and homes because they make a room feel like the perfect place to relax. 


Mid Century Modern Leather Sofas come in different shapes, styles, colors and sizes which means you can find one for your specific needs.  

A mid century leather sofa is not only functional but it also looks beautiful as well. 

The soft leather makes them comfortable to sit on while the sleek design gives the room a modern look.

These pieces of furniture should be considered if you're looking for something long lasting or just need a new stylish couch.

Mid Century Modern leather sofas are characterized by flat square, simple designs.

Often, square arm rests are used in combination with rolled throw pillows. In addition, metal rivets and tufted cushions are common.

The majority of MCM sofas tend to be a bit firmer in feel due to lack of plush design.

The History of Mid Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern furniture is a term used to describe the type of furniture that became popular in the 1950s after World War II.

It embodied both traditional styles while incorporating new materials that helped make them affordable enough for most people's budgets.

The name comes from the fact that it was introduced during the middle of the 20th century.

Still, it’s not just limited to those decades, as designers have become obsessed with these designs, incorporating them into today’s furniture.

mid century modern

It was a time of technological change, social reform, and political upheaval in America.

During this period, the look of the furniture reflects these changes, with sleek lines that are reminiscent of modernism.

Homes also had more open floor plans that allowed for more effortless movement from room to room.

This created an increased demand for furniture that would fit into these homes without taking up too much space or making rooms feel cluttered.

The history of mid-century modern furniture has been influenced by vintage designers such as Charles Eames and George Nelson who created innovative designs for companies like Herman Miller Furniture Company in Michigan.  


A Herman Miller leather chair from the 1950s which embodied the flat lines and smoothness of Mid Century Modern design.

Danish Modern is one popular style, which became popular in Denmark after World War II due to limited natural resources.

Still, it later swept across Europe and even into America, where it captured the spirit of post-war optimism for many people looking for something new with an international flair.

Should I Buy A Mid Century Modern Leather Sofa?

The mid century modern leather sofa is an excellent addition to any home because it's comfortable and stylish, while leather makes your furniture long lasting and easy to clean. 

Carla Mid Century Modern Tufted Living Room Leather Sectional Couch

Carla Mid Century Modern Tufted Living Room Leather Sectional Couch

The mid century modern sofa can go with any style in the living room but will always have its own unique charm when you walk in the door.

Mid Century Modern leather sofas come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, making them easy to match with other furniture around the house.

Of course, like anything, different styles go in and out of favor, and mid-century modern has had a very long run over the past twenty-plus years as the preferred design for many online furniture manufacturers. 


An Article sofa which leverages a mid-century modern design look

One quick look at the likes of Article, Burrow, and Poly & Bark and we can see that Mid Century Modern is most definitely the preferred design look.


A Poly & Bark Napa Leather Sofa which also is based on a mid-century modern like design.

Each person has different tastes, but my preference is most certainly for the clean lines and beautiful aesthetic that mid-century modern designs offer.

The Best Mid Century Leather Sofa Brands

We've reviewed many of the leading online and brick and mortar leather furniture brands


West Elm Hamilton Leather Sofa

To date, these are the leather furniture stores with the best overall ratings that also have more of a focus on leather furniture with a mid century modern design.

  1. Poly & Bark
  2. Crate And Barrel
  3. West Elm
  4. Burrow
  5. Joybird

Note that trying a leather sofa in person can often be a huge advantage so you don't have to deal with the hassles of returning furniture.

So, ultimately of this list, West Elm and Crate And Barrel would be the two options with physical storefronts that would provide a showroom to check out the furniture. 

Pros and cons of purchasing a Mid Century Leather Sofa


1. Easy Match With Your Room Decor

Mid Century Modern Leather Furniture is very easy to pair with any other existing furniture. Due to the simplicity and clean lines, matching up with different furniture types is not usually an issue.

2. Beautiful, Clean, Modern, Look

Mid Century Leather furniture is beautiful, and the design appeal has remained in style for some time now.

There is nothing over the top, uncomfortable or unappealing about the designs, which I think is what makes it so popular.


1. It's Trendy

Mid Century Modern has had quite a run as the preferred design for furniture manufacturers, so the aesthetic might go out of favor and leave you with furniture that becomes unpopular.

IF you can deal with this, fine; if not, you might want a different style.

2. Potential Comfort Issues

Sometimes comfort can be lacking on firmer, modern couches, as the straight, sleek designs often don’t lend themselves to deep cushioning.

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