Are Crate & Barrel’s Leather Sofas Worth The Money?

When i was first shopping for a new leather sofa (and totally clueless) one of the first brands that came to mind was Crate & Barrel.  I guess we are all brainwashed at some point to believe that some brands are just better than others.  Yet, the price point for their furniture was the first immediate turn off.  But I wanted to revisit my first thoughts on the subject and determine if Crate & Barrel's leather furniture any good.  The answer:

From a price perspective, Crate & Barrel would appear to be of very high quality.  An average three seat leather sofa from Crate & Barrel retails for up to $4500.  However, after researching Crate & Barrel's manufacturing process and sourcing methods, I believe consumers would be best to spend that money elsewhere.

Let's dive into the details of some of Crate & Barrel's leather furniture.

Does Crate & Barrel Manufacture Its Own Furniture?

Crate & Barrel does not manufacture its own furniture. They are solely an online furniture retailer and not a manufacturer.  Based on some research, I learned that Crate & Barrel purchases furniture from Lee Furniture and McCreary Modern in North Carolina.   Note that McCreary Modern also makes furniture for Room & Board, Ballard, Arhaus, and some other stores. 

How Is The Quality Of Crate & Barrel's Leather Furniture?

Based on their website listings, and using this super sharp Gather leather sofa as an example, Crate & Barrel uses 'top-grain, aniline-dyed Italian leather'.   Thus, again, this is a sofa manufactured by McCreary Modern, which is generally a well respected USA furniture manufacturer.   

Ultimately, the quality and construction of Crate & Barrel's furniture is good, but not the best.  Remember, when you purchase a couch from Crate & Barrel, you are paying up for the brand name, and the overhead necessary for the company to earn a profit. 

Don't get me wrong, the Crate & Barrel furniture is very stylish (they have people that work on that) and thus I wouldn't convince someone not to purchase from them.  But it is important to note that Crate & Barrel is just a retailer.

Remember, there are probably other couches out there (made by McCreary) that can be found for a similar price or less. 

Case in point.

Here's a couch from Arhaus (taylor sofa) which has a very similar appearance to the Crate & Barrel 'Gather' sofa.


Arhaus Taylor Leather Sofa

Both are around the same price, $3800+ for the Crate & Barrel sofa and $3500 for the Arhaus sofa.  Note both are likely paying a similar price for each sofa, and both need to compensate for store overhead, employees in the stores, etc.  Thus, there is a significant markup on these couches in order for these retailers to make a profit.


What Do Consumers Say About Crate & Barrel's Leather Sofas?

Using the Crate & Barrel 'Gather' sofa as an example, reviews are generally positive with 4.7 stars (out of 5). While some of the comments are concerning such as this one:

"Very comfortable, but looks worn out in 3mo"

The positives seem to outweigh the negatives.  An example:

"Extremely comfortable and stylish"
"Cozy and spacious"
"Multipurpose, attractive piece of furniture"
"Modern lines and perfect deep seats."

Note this is still a relatively newer couch so I would like to see what customers think, say 5 or even 10 years from now.

That's where you come in!   Do you own a Crate & Barrel leather sofa?  

Please feel free to leave any comments below or email me any information or pictures at  


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