Joybird Review: Are Their Sofas Good Quality?

Like many of the other (mostly) online only furniture retailers (such as Article and Lulu & Georgia), Joybird is a name that seemingly gets lumped into to many conversations when discussing the low cost online furniture stores.  Notably it should be pointed out that Joybird does have three showcase brick and mortar stores


Mid-Century Modern at an affordable price point with no sacrifice on quality is the main value proposition for Joybird.  The company was acquired by La-Z-Boy in 2018.  

Key  Points

  • Affordable Price Point
  • Stylish, Modern Furniture
  • Good Return, Warranty Policy
  • Concerns About Quality Control 
  • Lots Of Negative Reviews Online







Joybird - A Background


Joybird Co-Founder Alex Del Toro

Joybird was founded by four Alex Del Toro, Andres Hinostroza, Joshua Stellin and Christopher Stormer back in 2014.  Their goal from the start and what they've viewed as their advantage is that they are creating a 'lean elastic organization that provides extremely high quality products'.   La-Z-Boy obviously thought that the young furniture company was doing as it said when it acquired Joybird in 2018.  The acquisition is a bit of a concern given that La-Z-Boy is a lower end brand, although one with manufacturing and distribution know how. 

Is Joybird Legit?

Joybird is a well known online furniture retailer that has been in business since 2014.  The company is listed on Trust Pilot and has a score of 2.8 (out of 5 stars) on only 4 Reviews.  They are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, although there are 72 complaints from customers. 

Who Makes Furniture For Joybird?

While Joybird is based in the US, they have a manufacturing facility in in Tijuana, Mexico.  Thus they are making all of their own furniture.  They source as many raw materials as possible from US suppliers.  They also source most of the wood, fabric, foam and many other items from US companies.   Here's a video that shows some more of their manufacturing facility in Mexico.

One of the key componentsof the La-Z-Boy deal was they could help Joybird help with manufacturing and distribution.  It's very possible that Joybird just became so popular that it's manufacturing facility was completely overwhelmed.


Kurt Darrow

CEO of La-Z-Boy

"As Joybird's growth has been constrained by limited capital and production capacity, we will combine our world-class supply chain including nationwide delivery capabilities with its current manufacturing operations"

-Aug 2018 Earnings Call

What's The Quality Of Joybird Sofas?

When we examined the materials used for Joybird's leather sofas, the good is in the fact that they use all top grain leathers.  Their top-grain leathers use a non-toxic aniline dye, soaking the leather all the way through the hide.  A clear topcoat is then applied to the leather to add a protectant in the color chosen.  

As one example, the Elliot Leather Sofa from Joybird shown below uses kiln dried hardwood with frames wrapped in 2lb foam. 

Now, while it all sounds well and good, there are of course skeptics.  We found one article that was no so nice in regards to Joybird's quality.   Rain Noe at Core77 says that Joybird's furniture is just 'BS Marketing Speak'.  Ouch.

One of the allegations from Noe is that Joybird is using veneer and clear edge banding on a desk that claims to use 'all natural wood'.  I found the claims to be a bit harsh as veneer is used in many solid wood furniture pieces. 

Overall, from what I can gather, is that Joybird's quality is good, not great.

What's The Warranty Of Joybird Sofas?

Joybird has an excellent return policy offering 90 days after delivery to send it back and get a full refund, minus shipping & a 10% restocking fee.

Each Joybird-manufactured piece also comes with both a Limited Lifetime warranty on all foundational elements, and a 3 year limited warranty on any manufacturing defects or shipping damage.  

From Joybird:

'The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to all of the foundational elements of your furniture including wood frames, springs, joints, bases, and hardware, which are integral to the life of your product. If a repair is needed, we will pay standard rates for repair, or provide an alternative solution should the item be unable to be repaired."

What Are Customer Reviews of Joybird?

Reviews on Joybird's leather sofas on their website are quite good, with most of their leather sofas earning a 4.5 star rating at a minimum.  Still, we never really base an evaluation on the company's own website reviews.

Unfortunately, what we found elsewhere was a bit more concerning.  On Yelp, there are over 130 reviews with an average 1.5 star rating (out of 5).  The reviews are scathing, ranging from complaints about delivery (one reviewer said it took nine months to get their furniture) to concerns regarding quality.  

We've also evaluated the Yelp reviews and found that nearly all are from legit Yelpers with a long history of reviewing businesses.  Thus the magnitude of poor reviews is a major concern to us. 

We initially recommended Joybird because of the quality, comfort, and pricing of its furniture. If you bought a Joybird sofa and are happy with it, your experience is much like that of our testers. But, in 2017, we stopped recommending the Joybird Korver after a number of readers reported negative experiences with Joybird’s customer service, long delivery times, and even manufacturing defects. We had hoped the company would solve these problems after their acquisition by La-Z-Boy in July 2018, but we’ve found that these same issues continue today. A number of customer reviews from 2019 and 2020 cite issues with manufacturing defects, unresponsive customer service, and poor communication.

Will Joybird Ship Internationally?

Joybird will ship to virtually the entire contiguous United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. Unfortunately, they do not ship outside the continental US.

Does Joybird Offer Discounts?

Joybird has regular sales so if you have your eyes on something be sure to check around to see if they might have an upcoming sale.  

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