Best Leather Sofa Brands: A Consumer’s Buying Guide


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Buying leather furniture can be one of the most daunting processes a homeowner can face.

The furniture market is uber-competitive, and manufacturers take shortcuts to make inferior leathers seem better than they actually are.  

When buying a new leather couch you need to worry about the quality of the leather and the actual quality of craftsmanship.  

We've spent countless hours researching traditional leather furniture manufacturers and spoken to hundreds of furniture dealers to get their input into the best leather sofa brands.

This guide should help provide everything you need to know in making an informed decision when buying your new leather sofa. 

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How We Chose Our Top Leather Sofa Brands

Our evaluation of the best leather sofa brands is based on our rankings of three different factors -Quality, Reviews, and Value.

Quality covers our evaluation of the materials and craftsmanship that go into the furniture.

High-end leather furniture brands use a combination of high-quality top-grain leathers, solid wood frames made with hardwoods (not plywood), and quality suspension - usually an eight-way hand-tied system. 

Reviews cover what our research has unearthed regarding customer satisfaction, reviews, and the company's overall response to warranty issues.

Value covers what we believe to be the relative rating of the company's cost of leather sofas relative to their quality compared to the entire furniture industry.

Who Makes The Best Leather Furniture?

Based on our research, that award goes to Hancock & Moore, which is the only leather sofa manufacturer that scored 4.5 Stars out of 5, based on a combination of high-quality craftsmanship, solid overall value, and impeccable customer satisfaction. 

Hancock & Moore


Hancock & Moore was launched in 1981, when craftsman Jimmy Moore decided to start his own furniture company. 

The company was acquired in 2015 by Rock House Farm, which is a premier operator of various high quality furniture brands.

Despite some managerial changes, their leather furniture remains at the top of the class and is one of the best combinations of quality and value in the marketplace.


Hancock & Moore prides itself on quality and to this day, up to 80 hours are spent handcrafting a piece of Hancock & Moore furniture in its North Carolina facility.

The company has strict sourcing requirements for its leather sofas and will travel worldwide to hand-select the best materials. 


Consumers are very happy with Hancock & Moore as a whole. Most point to the high quality in materials and the overall sturdiness of the leather furniture from Hancock and Moore. 

While some obviously have had bad experiences, most of that has been due to user error.  H&M has typically been great in dealing with upset customers.


While Hancock and Moore's furniture is near the higher end of the pricing range, we would argue that the quality of their leather furniture makes the price point an actual value, given that many of their leather sofas have been known to last for over thirty years. 

Bradington Young


Bradington Young is another North Carolina-based furniture manufacturer.

Founded three years before Hancock & Moore, the company focused on building high-quality furniture at a lower price from day one.  

The company since 2002 has been a part of Hooker Furniture, a publicly traded furniture company.  


Overall, Bradington Young offers fantastic leather quality and even sources the same types of leather as Hancock and Moore.  

They are considered slightly less quality than Hancock and Moore; however, based on the time and wood materials (mostly plywood instead of hardwood) used for building the furniture.


Like any furniture company, there are some negative reviews out there, but from most of my research, consumers have been generally happy with Bradington Young.  

They offer fairly standard warranties on the variety of leather furniture they sell and tend to respond quickly to consumer issues. 


On average, Bradington Young leather sofas tend to sell at a 15-20% discount versus Hancock & Moore, making their leather sofas a fantastic value for consumers looking to save a little bit of money, yet at a slightly lower quality. 



Leathercraft is another North Carolina manufacturer that has been around for over 50 years.

They are considered to be one of the top tier premium leather brands, in a similar realm as Hancock & Moore.   

Some complaints about quality control ding Leathercraft in the Quality score, but overall, it is a great option for leather sofas. 


Leathercraft is one of the best USA made leather furniture companies, yet some complaints about quality control, leave us with a 4 rating on Leathercraft from a quality perspective.  

Still, they are well regarded as having some of the best craftsmanship in the industry and use high quality leather and wood materials.  


As noted, there have been some complaints on quality control.   

Still, ask anyone with a Leathercraft leather sofa; most are quite happy. 

Their customer service department seems a bit lacking, but overall, they have been very consistent in living up to their warranty policies. 


Leathercraft sofas are at the top of the price range in the industry and for good reason.

The company is committed to using the best leathers and takes time to craft some of the best rated leather furniture on the market. 

Century Furniture


Century Furniture is another Rock House Farm Family brand (as is Hancock & Moore) and was founded in 1947, making it one of the oldest USA based furniture manufacturers.  

Century is well known throughout the industry for its high quality construction, although its premium price points may be out of range for some consumers.


Century Furniture is one of the most well respected furniture brands in the US.  

They pride themselves on quality and use only the finest top grain leathers. They are also very focused on sustainability measures, using recycled materials when possible.

Note there are different levels of price points, but for the most part, all of their leather sofas are excellent quality.


From all I've researched, consumers are generally happy with Century and there are very limited negative reviews.

Century seems to be utilized by many interior designers who say some very nice things about the quality

Here's one example: "I have Century furniture in my home and I have placed it in the homes of several of my clients. It's beautiful and classic. Their custom leather sofas are the BEST!"


Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive, Century is considered a middle to upper tier furniture manufacturer.

Some of their mid range leather sofas can be more affordable and since much of what they sell is custom made, the prices will all depend on the grades of leather used for the sofas.

Classic Leather


Classic Leather is another NC manufacturer and was one of the pioneers of leather manufacturing in the USA, starting its operations in 1966.  

Classic has a solid reputation, and while it sacrifices some in quality, its prices are more affordable and more suitable for consumers on a budget.  


Classic Leather does cut some corners in terms of the materials used for construction of the frames of their sofas.

Notably they are using 'hardwood laminates' which is another fancy word for plywood. The best material and the longest lasting for sofa frames is a true hardwood frame, which however will ultimately cost you more when purchasing the sofa.


Classic Leather has a solid reputation in the industry as more of a mid tier brand, which ends up being more affordable for consumers.

They offer a 10-year warranty on any frame defects which is a good warranty.  In addition, based on our research, customers don't have many complaints.

In fact, Classic Leather might want to build a Google Reviews page. 


Classic Leather sofas are on the more affordable end of the value spectrum.  

Also, considering that they are using top grain leathers, we would consider Classic Leather to a be a great option for budget-minded- consumers.

Classic Leather makes a solid sofa and isn't going to completely bust your bank account.



Stickley is one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the US; its founder, Gustav Stickley, was one of the pioneers of the craftsman styles, and the company has forever prided itself on the finest quality.  

This quality comes with a price, as Stickley's furniture tends to be at the upper end of the spectrum regarding pricing. 


Stickley makes all kinds of furniture, but it's leather sofas are well known in the industry as being top tier quality.

Their frames are made from all hardwoods.  You can see the intricate details of their woodwork on this page.


Based on our evaluation of the public reviews for Stickley, it appears that consumers are mostly happy.

Facebook shows a rating of 3.8 Stars (out of 5).  

Note that they also have a retail store under the umbrella Stickley & Audi, which sells Stickley and other furniture brands.

There are some complaints about warranty issues which keep our rating down.


Stickley leather sofas are near the upper end of the price range.

Remember, that you pay up for the quality, and for those with a bigger budget, Stuckley sofas are an excellent choice.  

Check one of their local furniture retailers and you might be able to find a discontinued item or floor model on sale.

What do you think of our list of the best rated leather furniture stores?  

We'd love to hear from you!  

Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me anytime at  

As a bonus, I'm providing a checklist below to help you in your leather sofa shopping experience!

Buyer's Checklist: Ten Questions To Ask Before Buying A New Leather Sofa

Investing in a leather couch is a significant decision. It's not just about purchasing furniture but adding a piece that will likely remain with you for years, reflecting your style, providing comfort, and possibly becoming a cherished heirloom.

To ensure you're making an informed choice, here's a checklist of ten crucial questions to ask before buying a new leather sofa:

1. What Type of Leather Is It?

Different types of leather have varying durability, feel, and appearance. For instance, top-grain leather is high quality, whereas bonded leather comprises scraps fused together. Understanding the type helps determine the sofa's longevity and look. See our leather guide for more info.

Revo Top Grain Leather Sofa Bed

Revo Top Grain Leather Sofa Bed

2. How Is The Leather Finished?

Leather can be aniline-dyed or surface-dyed. Aniline leather retains its natural look but may be more susceptible to stains. Surface-dyed leather is more resistant but can have a less natural appearance.

3. What's Inside? The Frame and Filling Matters.

A sturdy hardwood frame is key for durability. Ask about the cushion fillings too. High-resilient foam is comfortable and long-lasting, while down fillings might need regular fluffing. See our guide on high quality furniture construction for further details.


Example of a traditional 8-way hand tied sofa.

4. How Is The Sofa Constructed?

Construction quality impacts durability. Look for signs of corner blocks, wooden dowels, or metal screws and brackets. Avoid sofas simply stapled or glued together. You can try to ask the salesperson these questions. If they don't know, I'd probably go elsewhere. 


5. Does It Fit Your Lifestyle?

Some leather types might be more appropriate than others if you have pets or children.

For instance, pigmented leather or semi-aniline can resist spills and scratches better.

Ask the salesperson what sort of leather is going to be the best option based on your lifestyle.  

See our guide to the best leather sofas for dog owners

6. What's The Return and Warranty Policy?

A leather couch is an investment. Ensure a robust return policy and a warranty covering potential structural issues or defects.

Most manufacturers don't provide a warranty on the leather itself (absent any factory defects). Still, you want to make sure they are going to stand by the durability of the frame itself. 

7. How To Care For The Sofa?

Depending on the leather and finish type, care instructions might vary.

Some might need regular conditioning, while others just need a wipe-down. Make sure you're up for the maintenance

All manufacturers will provide a recommended cleaning schedule with recommended products.

Ensure you know what that is before you leave the showroom.

8. Where Was The Sofa Manufactured?

The country of manufacture can sometimes indicate the quality and ethical standards followed. Also, local sofas might have shorter delivery times and a smaller carbon footprint.  

We always aim to find furniture made in the USA; usually, a leather couch made in China is of inferior quality.  

9. Are There Any Customer Reviews or Recommendations?

Previous buyers' experiences can provide valuable insights. Look for reviews that discuss durability, comfort, and true-to-advertisement claims.

Above, we've provided an overview of most customer opinions on the best leather sofa brands.

I would ignore any reviews on a company's own website. Places like Yelp, Facebook, Houzz, or Google Reviews will provide more of an unbiased opinion. 

10. What's The Price Point Compared to Similar Products?

While you shouldn't compromise quality for cost, understanding market rates ensures you get value for money.

A low-end leather couch with cheap frame construction or a vegan leather or faux leather sofa might run at less than $2000, but isn't going to last very long

An average mid-tier leather sofa will run from $3,000 to $6,000 and can step up from there based on the sofa's brand, leather type, and size.

Shopping around and looking at the clearance section of your local furniture store can often pay off handsomely.

I've found some of my best leather sofas in the sale areas of many furniture stores.


Arming yourself with these questions ensures that when you finally choose a leather sofa, it's a piece you'll cherish for years to come. It's all about blending style (do you want mid century modern?), comfort, and practicality – and these questions ensure you get the best of all three.

About the author Tom

When I started shopping for a leather couch two years ago, I was confused and overwhelmed by the information available to me. I decided to launch Best Leather Couches in order to create the best resource for shoppers looking for a new leather couch. I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to drop me a line anytime at

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  1. Very helpful article as we are looking to buy 2 leather love seats. Will start with Stickley. However, I noticed you didn't include Smith Bros who seem to have a good reputation. Any reason ?

    1. Hi Richard, I have good things, but I sort of forgot to include them as I hadn’t reviewed their products yet, will make it a point to do so! Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Hi Dedy, I have not yet closely reviewed their sofas, but I can make it a point to do so. I’ll update this thread when I can do it.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Curious to know if you have an opinion on Potterybarn leather couches. I’m in the process of researching leather couches & I love the Turner leather from PB. I love the style of it & can’t seem to find one that is similar from a more reputable company. A lot of people purchase this style but there’s a lot of conflicting info out there. I recently read comments on a Houzz post someone had put up. There was a lot of positive comments and negative. I’m on the fence about the Turner sofa. I don’t mind spending the money but I would feel better if I knew it would last.

    1. Hi Suzanne, i think you certainly pay a premium for the Pottery Barn name, but based on my review of their materials used, they do have a kiln dried hardwood frame (a positive) and use top grain leathers. I would probably compare the sofa to something from Hancock and Moore to see what you like better. H&M doesn’t have the overhead costs to meet, and thus you might find that you get a better leather sofa at a better cost.

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