Leathercraft Sofa Review (Are They Good Quality?)


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Leathercraft is a North Carolina furniture manufacturer that has been around for over 50 years. They are considered to be one of the top tier premium leather brands, in a similar realm as Hancock & Moore

Based on my research, Leathercraft is a good option for consumers looking for a hand-made US based leather sofa. The overall leather quality is very good, and I could not find too many complaints about the quality of Leathercraft's furniture.

Note that Leathercraft was also named to our list of the Top Overall Leather Furniture Brands

In this piece, I dive deeper into the Leathercraft company, providing more information on their leather furniture and whether consumers should consider it for purchase.

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One of the oldest North Carolina based leather furniture manufacturers with a focus on premium hand-crafted leather furniture. The company is privately held, with each piece of leather furniture hand crafted and assembled in its High Point manufacturing facility. 

Key  Features:

  • High quality USA made leather furniture company
  • Wide range of leather selections and each piece is hand crafted
  • Premium price point, similar to Hancock & Moore
  • Smaller company, so lack of customer service personnel is somewhat concerning
  • Good warranty policy







What's The Background Of Leathercraft?

Leathercraft is a family-owned North Carolina based leather furniture manufacturer that was founded over 50 years ago by Hurshell Keener. It is a smaller operation than Hancock & Moore, with only a fraction of the employees. 

Is Leathercraft Legit?

Leathercraft has been making hand-crafted leather furniture for over 50 years, so certainly a legitimate business. They are based in Conover, North Carolina, and are a privately held organization.   

There are no complaints about Leathercraft with The Better Business Bureau

Where Does Leathercraft Make Its Furniture?

Leathercraft's leather furniture is custom made in its North Carolina based manufacturing facility.


A Leathercraft craftsman hard at work in their NC manufacturing facility. (Image courtesy Leathercraft)

Thus, while some materials are sourced from outside the country, Leathercraft's furniture is made in the USA. 

Leathercraft vs Hancock & Moore - Which Is Better?

On average, Leathercraft's price point is similar to Hancock & Moore, and in examining their latest price guide, they also have a fairly similar tiered leather pricing system. 

In addition, based on some of my discussions with furniture industry experts, the materials used by both Leathercraft and Hancock & Moore are on mostly on par. Thus, from a quality perspective, it appears that both are somewhat equal.

I think where Hancock & Moore separates itself is with customer service; it could be that the larger size of the company affords it to have a bit more breadth in servicing customers. However, I would recommend either brand to any consumer. 

What Sort Of Leather Does Leathercraft Use?

All Leathercraft furniture is manufactured with 100% top grain leather, with leathers sourced from across the globe. In addition, all Leathercraft leather patterns are protected by a clear top coat, which seals the surface, or a "scotchguard type" product is applied that penetrates the hide and encapsulates the leather fibers. Similar to Hancock & Moore, Leathercraft uses solid maple wood for its frames.


Leather being examined at the Leathercraft facility in High Point, NC (image courtesy Leathercraft)

What Do Customers Say About Leathercraft?

There aren't a lot of reviews online about Leathercraft; note again that Leathercraft is a smaller operation in comparison to some of the other North Carolina manufacturers (specifically Hancock & Moore). Still, ultimately, probably a good sign that I could not find any major complaints about Leathercraft online. 

Leathercraft is sold to local furniture stores, so you would have to deal directly with an authorized retailer to find their furniture. One of the struggles I found with Leathercraft is that they do not list their retailers on their website and only provide a list of regional sales reps.

What Sort Of Warranty Does Leathercraft Offer?

Leathercraft guarantees the frame, seat spring, and workmanship for the life of the piece to its original purchaser. However, like most other leather furniture manufacturers, there is no coverage of the leather surface itself. 

Do you have any experience with Leathercraft furniture, good or bad?

Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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  1. We purchased 2 Leathercraft couches 20 years ago. They still look like they just arrived and are as comfortable as ever. Based on our experience with those 2, 5 years later we purchased a third couch. It was just as high a quality and comfort as the first two.
    About a month ago we bought our 4th couch and the quality and beauty of it is remains as outstanding as we have come to expect.
    I’ve had the opportunity to tour the factory twice and have witnessed the care and exactness their craftsman take in creating a great couch. The people there are easy to work with.

  2. We recently received our new Leathercraft chair. It is NOT comfortable to sit in. You constantly feel like you are going to fall out of it. I have contacted the company we purchased the chair through and also contacted Leathercraft directly. The people at Leathercraft seem to doubt my description of the comfort of this chair.
    I took out the seat cushion and placed a level on the chair and it slants toward the front, instead of slanting toward the back.
    I believe they manufactured the chair incorrectly. Is that possible?

    1. Sounds like some quality control issues Patti, and yes certainly possible. I would definitely keep pushing to get a refund or a replacement on your purchase. Good luck.

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