Bradington Young Leather Sofa Review (Are They Good Quality?)


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Bradington-Young was launched in 1978, with a focus from day one at providing fine, high quality leather furniture to the masses at a lower price point than some of the premium based leather furniture companies.  

Based on my research, Bradington-Young is a very good option for more budget minded customers. The leather quality is good and each sofa is custom made at their manufacturing facility in North Carolina. However, I do have some concerns about the number of poor customer reviews that complain about poor quality. 

Bradington-Young was also named to our list of the Top Overall Leather Furniture Brands and was named to our list of the top leather recliner brands.

In this piece, I dive deeper into the Bradington-Young company, providing more information on their leather furniture and whether consumers should consider it for purchase.

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One of the oldest US based leather furniture manufacturers with a focus on high quality at a lower price point in comparison to peers. Owned by a publicly traded company (Hooker Furniture), each piece is hand crafted in their North Carolina manufacturing facilities. 

Key  Features:

  • Well known and respected brand, with over 40 years in business.
  • Good overall selection, with ability to customize based on a wide range of leather options
  • More attractive price point in comparison to higher end leather sofas, such as Hancock & Moore
  • Concerns about the number of negative review in terms of quality
  • Good warranty policy







What's The Background Of Bradington-Young?

Bradington-Young is another North Carolina based furniture manufacturer. Founded three years prior to Hancock & Moore, the company was focused from the start at building furniture at a high quality with a lower price.  

The company since 2002 has been a part of Hooker Furniture, a publicly traded furniture company.  

Is Bradington Young Legit?

Bradington-Young is one of the oldest leather furniture manufactuers based in the US and has a stellar reputation throughout the furniture industry. Bradington-Young was acquired by Hooker Furniture, a publicly traded company in 2002,.  

It's leather furniture is manufactured here in the US (North Carolina), although leathers and other materials are sourced from across the globe, including China. 

Where Does Bradington Young Make Its Furniture?

Bradington-Young's leather furniture is manufactured at their manufacturing facility in Hickory, North Carolina. Each furniture piece is hand crafted, with experts responsible for frame construction, leather assembly, and upholstery. 

Bradington-Young's leather sofas use an eight way hand tied spring system, which is just one example of the fine craftsmanship that goes into producing each piece.

 Over 200  craftsmen work at their main plant, which consists of over 175,000 square feet in Hickory, and at their cover plant in Cherryville, NC. 

Bradington-Young VS Hancock & Moore - Which Is Better?

On average, Bradington-Young leather sofas tend to sell at a 15-20% discount versus Hancock & Moore, making their leather sofas a fantastic value for consumers looking to save a little bit of money, yet at a slightly lower quality.

The notable differences between Hancock & Moore and Bradington-Young are in regards to materials - Hancock & Moore tends to use higher cost materials, notably solid maple wood for the frame construction, whereas Bradington-Young uses plywoods. 

What Sort Of Leather Does Bradington Young Use?

In its public filings, Hooker Furniture (the parent of Bradington-Young) notes that its leather is  imported from Italy, South America and China:

Most of the leather is imported from Italy, South America and China, and is purchased as full hides and cut and sewn in our facilities or is purchased as pre-cut and sewn kits processed by our vendors to our pattern specifications

BY offers over 175 different leathers with the ability to customize based on your preferences. I really like this guide that Bradington-Young offers on leathers, which explains different leather types and what is the best leather for a sofa, specifically, for your situation at home. 

What Do Customers Say About Bradington Young?

Like any furniture company, there are some negative reviews on Bradington-Young out there, however the consistent complaints about quality have me concerned. 

On Yelp, there are 19 reviews with an average of 1.5 Stars.  I honestly am a bit concerned with what I have read, and most of the reviews appear to be legitimate. Overall, the reviews are mainly focused on the poor quality of the product. 

A lot of discussion about bent frames, overstuffed cushions and defective mechanisms on the power reclining leather sofas. Here is one example of a negative review on BY.  

Wow, I wish I would have researched Yelp before buying a new $7000 BY power reclining leather sofa.  It's a piece of junk.  So many of these stories are like mine.  It's pretty, but the frame is totally bent.  Similar to another reviewer, the left and right seats aren't flat, leaning in towards the center seat.  The footrests are also crooked, leaning inward.  When sitting, you feel like you're falling off the couch.  The leather also is bumpy and doesn't lay smooth/flat.  I've never seen such a thing. I paid $450 for the extra "full" warranty, and it's been 2 months and the Customer Svc woman they assigned to me won't respond to emails.  

Note that Bradington-Young also sells leather furniture at Wayfair, where the reviews are a bit more positive, although limited in numbers. 


It does also look like Bradington-Young removed the ability to Review their business on their Facebook page, but Womply has recorded all of the negative reviews. One example:

Save yourself some money and do not invest in their furniture! I spent nearly $8,000 on sofas! Within weeks after deliver, they needed to be repaired. I purchased two sofas with recliners. The end cushions lean so badly into the middle, that it is extremely uncomfortable to sit on. They also look as if they are years old with very little use. The repair man came out and stuffed it to try and level them out. I have contacted Bradington Young only to be told I needed to deal with the dealer for repairs. They do not stand behind their product!!! You are better off buying cheaper made furniture and just replacing it every few years. If you are looking for quality that will last, this is not the brand to go with. Hoping I can upload pictures to save others from wasting a substantial amount of money like I did! - Wynette-Jose Arias

What Sort Of Warranty Does Bradington Young Offer?

Bradington-Young's warranty on leather sofas states that there is a limited lifetime warranty on any wooden frame parts, and they will cover costs and labor on defects in the frame for up to one year, and only frame costs (not labor) for the lifetime of the furniture. 

There is a five year warranty on reclining mechanisms and springs (with labor only covered for the first year).  There is also a one year limited warranty on seat fillings and padding. 

The warranty only covers any manufacturing defects for the leather and not any problems due to fading, discoloration or wear. 

Ultimately, Bradington-Young's warranty is quite similar to that of Hancock & Moore.

Do you have any experience with a Bradington-Young leather sofa, good or bad?

Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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  1. I'm a huge fan. I've owned and sold Bradington Young for over 10 years now. They make some of the most comfortable sofa's and recliners that I have come across. I'm still a fan of a good push back recliner that is just comfortable and works. The company is great to work with and very responsive. Like all my other companies thought, if you need a piece or part it it going to take a while. The supply chain and long back logs are at fault.

    1. Appreciate the comments, Matt. Would agree that Bradington Young is a very solid company and offers a high-quality product. And yes the supply chain has been a thorn in the side for many!

    2. Matt- You're a salesmen, and evidently, by the vast negative reviews of Bradenton Young furniture, a full of shit one at that. After what I have been reading, I will not plunk down 4 to 7 thousand dollars for their furniture.
      And you're "going to bat" for a company that apparently has shown again and again that they do not care about the customer- you are also a salesmen with no integrity. Good luck with where that will bring you in life, Matt.

  2. We purchased a sofa and 2 chairs with ottomans in 1991 in their NC location. We had the cushions reshuffled about 6 years ago and now my daughter has the furniture. It has held up marvelously and now I’m ready to purchase another set of this furniture. Very well made back them. The furniture is 30 years old and they have 2 cats and a dog who don’t bother the furniture. I also had a kitten when I changed signs. My husband passed and I wanted a new look.

    1. My guess is that the quality that people have spoken about, probably came about AFTER the 2002 buyout of the original company. Proceed with caution!

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