Top 10 Best Leather Recliner Brands 2024


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Discovering who makes the best leather recliner can be challenging with so many options available. 

This guide quickly navigates you through the top leather recliner brands, offering insights into the most reliable and comfortable choices for your home.

Focusing on crucial aspects like mechanism quality and durability, we ensure you invest in a genuine leather recliner chair or swivel recliner that combines style, comfort, and longevity.

Read on to find your ideal leather recliner from the best in the market, each offering features like a smooth leather finish, high resilience seat foam, and various reclining positions for complete relaxation.

Our Top Leather Recliner Recommendations for 2024

Best Leather Recliner Overall: Hancock & Moore Blackhawke Recliner
Best Budget Leather Recliner:  La-Z-Boy El Dorado Leather Manual Wing Chair Recliner
Best Premium Leather Recliner: Stickley Back Bow Arm Morris Leather Recliner

Key Takeaway

When searching for the best leather recliner, quality, craftsmanship, and additional features like a power headrest, medium seat density, and smooth leather with pocket coil springs are paramount. Look for brands like Hancock & Moore and Ekornes Stressless that use reliable mechanisms like Leggett & Platt or Ultra-Mek and prioritize solid frame construction with top-grain leather. These factors ensure a combination of comfort, durability, style, and relaxation potential, making your investment worthwhile.

Key Things To Know About Recliner Craftsmanship

Reclining sofas or leather recliner chairs have either a manual or electric mechanism and thus there are more things that can break down.

These are the most important things to consider when buying any reclining furniture!

1. The Mechanism

There are a few major providers of mechanisms for reclining sofas and chairs. Leggett & Platt is the biggest and considered one of the most reliable reclining mechanisms in the industry, both for manual and power recliners.

Leggett & Platt is a behemoth in the reclining space and the odds are that if you have a nice, high quality recliner, it probably has a L&P mechanism inside.


A Legget & Platt recliner mechanism.

Ultra-Mek of North Carolina is also well respected in the furniture business, thus if you see either a Leggett & Platt or Ultra-Mek mechanism, there is a good sign the piece is well crafted and of high quality.

Before buying any recliner, be sure to ask the furniture store what the warranty is on the mechanism itself. For any traditional recliner, there is always the potential for something to go wrong with the mechanism.

Thus, ensuring there is a solid warranty in place is a big part of the purchasing decision. 

2. The Frame

Any chair or sofa with a mechanism inside must be built with a high quality frame. The best sofa frames are built with solid hardwoods (not plywoods) or engineered woods.

The mechanism connection to the frame is important as well, thus the build quality and the attention to detail is equally important. 

3. The Leather Quality

The cheapest and lowest quality recliners are made with bonded leather or faux leather upholstery.  

Stick with manufacturers that are using a top grain or full grain leather.  

A slight step up from there is a rocker recliner that is using a 'leather match' which covers the backs and sides of the furniture with a fake leather that is far inferior to the real thing.

4. Foam Density/Quality

The longevity of a reclining sofa is highly dependent on the quality and the density of the foam cushioning of the sofa.

A recliner using low density foam cushioning is not going to last very long.

I recommend looking for a reclining sofa or chair with a high density foam - try to go for something with 2.5 density (as opposed to the 1.8 density industry standard). 

Who Makes The Best Leather Recliner?

In your search for the perfect leather recliner, knowing the best manufacturers is key. We've carefully analyzed leather recliner chair reviews and feedback to bring you a list of the top seven leather recliner brands. 

Each brand promises a blend of quality and luxury, ensuring you find a high-quality leather recliner. Let's dive into these top contenders and discover who makes the best leather recliners in the market.

1. Hancock & Moore


Hancock & Moore is one of our favorite leather furniture brands, based on the made in the USA attention to detail and high quality at what we see as a reasonable price.  

They also make some of the industry's best selling leather recliner chairs.

Hancock & Moore offers a wide range of different high end leather reclining chairs and sofas.

Their reclining furniture pieces use a Leggett & Platt mechanism with superior craftsmanship in regards to the frame, leather upholstery and cushioning. 

Our Favorite: Hancock & Moore Blackhawke Recliner

These are unfortunately not sold online so you would need to visit a local furniture store that sells H&M furniture. High quality craftsmanship and high quality materials make this our top choice for leather reclining chairs. 


2. Ekornes Stressless


Ekornes is a Swedish furniture manfacturer that has been in business since 1934.

In the 1960's Ekornes started making trendy lounge furniture with the later launch of the Stressless chair line.

The Ekorness Stressless reclining chairs are of utmost comfort and use a proprietary reclining mechanism with high-quality materials, including top-grain leather and solid wood frames.

However, the Ekornes Stressless chairs come at a high price, with average retail on most chairs in the $2000 to $3000 range.

Many of their sofas also come with a range of customizable options, such as the choice of base style and the ability to add features like adjustable headrests and built-in USB ports.

If you have the budget, the Ekornes Stressless chairs are a fantastic option for a high quality recliner chair focused on maximum comfort and support. 

Our Favorite: Ekornes Stressless Recliner


3. Motioncraft

Motioncraft is a division of Sherrill Furniture, based in North Carolina with all furniture made in the USA. 

Motioncraft has a good reputation and I tend to recommend consumers stick to furniture made here in the states. Motioncraft uses both Leggett & Platt and Ultra-Mek with most pieces offering many different customization options. 

Our Favorite: Motioncraft Jackson Recliner

The Jackson recliner is a sharp statement piece perfect for any sitting area or living room. It has a standard brown mahogany finish and comes with either manual or power recliner controls. Not available online so you would need to find a retail partner


4. Stickley

IT won't come cheap, but Stickley recliners are highly recommended. Another US based manufacturer, Stickley makes all of their furniture in their NY based manufacturing facility.

Prices are mostly on par with Hancock and Moore, so if you are looking for a recliner on sale, Stickley isn't a good solution.

However, if you have the budget, Stickely is a great choice.

Our Favorite: Stickley Bustle Back Bow Arm Morris Manual Recliner


My favorite Stickley recliner is the Bustle Back Bow Arm Morris Manual Recliner. Perfect mix of mid-century modern with a luxury flair. This recliner is so comforable, however it comes at a higher than average price point.

5. Bradington Young


Bradington Young is another North Carolina-based manufacturer making high-quality leather recliners and sofas.

Its price points are mid-tier, and slightly below that of Hancock & Moore. It is a solid recliner choice for anyone seeking something that won't entirely break the bank. 

The frame build quality at Bradington Young isn't top of the line, as they use multi-ply, 7/8 inch laminated hardwood components instead of solid hardwoods used by Hancock & Moore.

However, Bradington Young uses made in the USA mechanisms from Ultra-Mek along with high quality leather and dependable craftsmanship.

My advice?

Visit a local Bradington Young dealer and try them to see what you like!

Check out their clearance section to see if you can snag a good deal.

Note that Wayfair sells some Bradington Young pieces, but you will likely get a better deal in person. 

Our Favorite: Bradington Young Sterling Leather Power Recliner


Sterling Recliner from Bradington Young

6. Leathercraft


Leathercraft is a North Carolina furniture manufacturer that has been around for over 50 years. They are one of the top-tier premium leather brands, in a similar realm as Hancock & Moore

Regarding reclining furniture, Leathercraft has a broad offering of different sofas and chairs with a strong reputation for high-quality craftsmanship. From a pricing standpoint, Leathercraft recliners average from $2500 to $4000, on par with Hancock & Moore. 

Using high-quality, made-in-the-USA reclining mechanism made by Leggett & Platt along with high-quality top grain leathers and solid hardwood frames.

Leathercraft is considered one of the best brand leather recliner options on the market.

Our Favorite: Leathercraft Norfolk Recliner

A beatiful, hand-crafted, made in USA leather recliner with careful attention to detail with naihead trim. Back cushioning filled with premium fibers. Available with manual push back or motorized reclining mechanism. Customers say the Norfolk recliner is extremely comfortable. 


Leathercraft Norfolk Recliner

7. American Leather


American Leather is a North Carolina based furniture manufacturer that prides itself on technological innovation and high quality upholstered furniture at an affordable price

American Leather sells three types of recliners - the 'Comfort Recliner', the 'Re-Invented Recliner' and the 'Comfort Air' recliner.

The Comfort Recliner is made with a 'proprietary Infinity System' which automatically adjusts to your body providing what American Leather calls the 'ultimate lounging experience'.

These leather recliner chairs are ridiculously comfortable, made with lush leather and high quality materials used for construction.


Adley Comfort Recliner from American Leather

The Re-Invented recliners tend to try and cover up the fact that a reclining mechanism is hiding within and tend to be a bit more stylish.


Neeson Re-Invented Leather Recliner from American Leather

Our Favorite: American Leather Comfort Air Recliner

The Comfort Air recliners contain a 'patented mechanism' that 'cradles you to the perfect lounging position for optimal comfort'.  These chairs have modern style, a comfortable seat and superior durability. 


The Cirrus Comfort Air Recliner from American Leather

** Updated note is that I did have some recent complaints from one American Leather customer that spent a lot of money on one motorized and one non-motorized sofa. The motorized components on one sofa (Chelsea) stopped working after a few days. The good news is that the President of American Leather was very responsive. The bad news is that they told the customer that they had an issue with motorized parts from one supplier. Thus, while we still like American Leather they are on what I might consider a bit of a 'watch list'.

8. Arhaus

Arhaus offers attractive, modern designs at a higher tier price point with mid-range quality. 

The products are manufactured in North Carolina (by McCreary Modern) who cuts some corners on quality, however if found on sale, Arhaus furniture can be a good alternative to some higher tier premium brands.

Our Favorite: Arhuaus Brooklyn Leather Recliner

This is one of my favorite leather recliners that I tested during a recent store visit to Arhaus. I love the color of the leather; soft, supple brown leather with a very comfortable seat, and made in America attention to detail. Seat cushions contain dense foam for added comfort and durability. Rolled arms give it that mid-century modern look. 


9. La-Z-Boy

It only seemed fitting to include La-Z-Boy in our discussion of leather recliners, however there are some concerns to be aware of.  Based on our initial review of La-Z-Boy, we discovered many concerns about produt quality.  However, for some consumers, the price point is more attractive than some of the higher tier USA manufactured brands. 


Our Favorite: El Dorado 32.5" Wide Genuine Leather Manual Wing Chair Recliner

Mission style design at a very affordable price (<$1800), this La-Z-Boy El Dorado leather recliner is a great option for a study, living room or office. High quality top grain leather and some compromise on frame materials help keep costs low.


10. West Elm

West Elm, which is owned by Pottery Barn (and Williams Sonoma) offers trendy modern furniture at an attractive price point. Similar to the likes of Burrow or Article.

West Elm offers good quality at an affordable price point, however, the concerns over furniture quality and longevity are real. 

I include West Elm here, but customers should be aware that West Elm is more about saving on style as opposed to buying something for life. 

Our Favorite: West Elm Harris Recliner

A very stylish recliner covered in top-grain leather. The Harris from West Elm also features an all important USB port on the right inside arm. West Elm cuts costs on the frame construction, using engineered hardwoods, so be wary of longevity on this one. However the price ($1899) makes for an attractive statement piece for any living area.


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