Common Myths About Leather Furniture


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Many consumers think that fabric couches are the way to go, and that leather furniture is expensive, and not appropriate for their lifestyle. Over the years, many myths have been established regarding leather furniture - most of which are completely false. Here I cover some of the most common myths regarding leather furniture and try to completely debunk each one.

Ripped Leather Sofas Cannot Be Repaired


Leather is a durable and flexible material that can withstand the test of time.

However, it does need care to keep its original looks for years on end - which means you may have some scratches and scuffs here and there as well as those pesky stains from our pets (yes we know!). 

Fortunately there are many leather workers around who specialize in repairing this precious fabric; getting your furniture back into pristine condition has never been easier. 

Depending on the damage, a process could include applying heat to reduce an indention in your leather couch.

Once this is done, sanding and buffing may be required. You can then apply some type of filler for larger cracks or gaps and then apply a color coat to hide any imperfections from the fixes. 

Be sure to check our resource guide on repairing leather sofas that are cracked and faded.

Leather Sofas Are Super Cold In The Winter

This might be one of the silliest concerns I've heard regarding leather furniture. Yes, if you are naked and sitting and lounging around on your sofa when it's 50 degrees inside your house, you might get a little chilly.

Of course the temperature of a leather sofa will depend on the room temperature, so if its sitting next to a big window that has major drafts, it's quite possible the leather seat of your couch is going to be a little cold.

But note that leather "breathes" and adjusts to conditions very quickly, making it comfortable all year long. If my leather sofa feels a bit cold, i just lay on a blanket and throw another one on top of me and I'm good to go. 

Leather Sofas Get Dirty And Can't Be Cleaned

This really depends on the type of leather you have, the type of wear the leather is subjected to and how you define "clean".

All leather will change over the years and develop a patina. The color of this aging process is different for everyone, but it doesn't mean that you need to worry about dirt or stains. Leather just changes colors depending on what dye was used when the the sofa was first created. If that color change bothers you, I highly recommend avoiding a full grain aniline leather and opt for one that has been heavily pigmented. 

Leather is a natural, durable material that will last for years. However, just like anything else in life it needs care and maintenance to stay clean—but not all cleaning products are created equal.

You should never use spray-on furniture protectors or oils because they might be too strong when applied directly on your sofa/chair's surface which could damage its integrity over time due an excess of chemicals being absorbed through pores from these types of treatments.

Instead go with safe options using leather cleaners specifically designed for this task by manufacturer guidelines so you can enjoy quality craftsmanship guaranteed every single day without worry.

Leather Sofas Aren't As Durable As Other Fabric Based Alternatives

Not even close!

A leather sofa can last for more than 20 years, while a fabric sofa might only last about five to ten years. Fabric sofas are also more likely to tear or rip.

Think about it - leather is made from the hide of a cattle, and fabrics are made from mostly synthetic materials that degrade over time. 

The hide of a cattle is not meant to be ripped or destroyed! It is for this reason that leather is one of the most durable materials used for any types of furniture.  

If you want your couch to be durable and long-lasting, then go with a leather one. You can thank me later.

Buying A Leather Sofa Online Is A Dumb Idea

This of course depends on the manufacturer you choose, but for the most part, there are many great options for consumers today if considering the online purchase of a leather sofa. While some might prefer to see the sofa in person, I've talked to many consumers that have had great experiences with many of the up and coming furniture retailers (like Article, Poly & Bark and Burrow).

Some online retailers (such as West Elm) also offer an omnichannel shopping experience, with physical brick and mortar locations available for you to try out some of their furniture.

Most importantly - check the store warranty and what the costs and process are in returning the sofa if you are not happy.

That's all folks. If you think any of these myths are true, then I'd like you to let us know why in the comments below. 

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