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In our article discussing how long a leather sofa should last, we noted that leather sofa maintenance is one of the key factors in determining the longevity of your sofa.  Thus, it is important that homeowners use the right products on their leather furniture.  While leather is quite durable, using something with harsh chemicals could potentially leave stains or marks on your furniture.

One important note - do not use Clorox Wipes on your leather sofa!  The alcohol in the Clorox Wipes can be extremely harmful for the leather surface.  Other leather sofa wipes are fine, such as Weiman Leather Wipes, which uses six natural oils.

Now let's get on to what you can use on your leather sofa!  We've reviewed some of the most popular leather furniture cleaners, reviewed the ingredients and even tried them in our own home.  

*Important Note - Before trying any of these products, I would check with your manufacturer to see what particular products they recommend for your specific furniture.

Here's a list of the best leather cleaners for couches.

Best Leather Sofa Cleaners - Our Top Picks



Weiman Leather 2 Pack Wipes (60 Ct) - $11.98

If your a Clorox Wipe devotee (as I am) you'll be right at home with the Weiman Leather Wipes which take our top spot for Best Leather Cleaner.  The wipes bring the convenience of a cleaner with no added accessories and combine it with an all natural oil based cleaner that is excellent for all leather furniture.  This combo also comes with a microfiber cloth.  On my sofa, i just wiped down the couch with a wipe and buffed out some spots with the cloth.  Worked like a charm, and the reviewers at Amazon love this product, although some complain that it takes two wipes to clean the couch.  Your mileage may vary, I only use one, but let me know what you think.  Shoot me an email at with your opinion on the Weiman Leather Wipes.




Chamberlain's Leather Milk Leather Furniture Conditioner and Cleaner - Furniture Treatment No. 5 (6 oz)- $16.95

One of the best leather cleaners on the market, Chamberlain's Leather Milk is often recommended by leather sofa experts.  The product is made from a combination of natural, water-based cleaning and conditioning ingredients.   Chamberlain's says that the mixture will "melt into your leather products as easily as butter on hot bread".   Reviewers say that Chamberlain's Leather Milk is easy to apply and goes on very smoothly, especially effective where leather had dried out.  Note that this doesn't come with any cloth so you might want to buy a few microfiber cloths to buff out the conditioner.




Leather Honey- $16.95

I had a hard time debating Leather Honey versus Leather Milk for the #2 spot, but I'll just tell you it was close.  Leather Honey has been around since 1968 and is the go to brand for many leather sofa owners.  The product is all natural, unscented, non-toxic and produced by a family owned business.  I tried this on one of my old leather chairs that had seen better days, and let me tell you this product worked wonders.  Note that the product comes in a concentrate, thus you can mix an ounce of concentrate to a cup of water. I put mine in a spray bottle and was sprayed on my chairs and wiped it off.  The amount of dirt that this cleaner pulled off is unreal and the chairs looked great when i was done.  Be sure to buy some microfiber towels as well.  




Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit - $19.99

This separate kit comes with both a cleaner and leather conditioner is one of the top rated leather cleaners on Amazon.  The reviewers say that these products have worked like a charm on their leather furniture.  One customer said that they were 'able to get several years of grime off our embarrassingly neglected cream-coloured couches'.  Another buyer said that the product  "makes their couch look brand new every time and we have dogs so that says something".  Some reviewers complain of the odor and some talk about ruining their leather car seats.  Thus, I would probably lean for the top three before this one, but let me know if you've used this product on leather sofas.  Shoot me an email at




TriNova Leather Cleaner (18 oz)- $15.98

Not completely natural like some of the other cleaners and conditioners, and does have an odor to it, that some people find off putting--some even say it smells like a glass cleaner. Some also complain that they don't list the ingredients--the one reason we know this doesn't use natural materials.  However, Amazon reviewers rave about this product.  While I haven't tested yet on my leather furniture, many swear by Trinova.   Shoot me an email if you've tried Trinova good or bad at




Skidmore’s Cleaner and Restoration Cream (6oz) - $19.98

On the higher end of the price scale, this small container (6oz) of cleaner and restoration is aimed at cleaning, restoring and conditioning your leather furniture.  I had a friend tell me about this stuff that swears by it, yet I have not personally tried it as of yet.   It is natural, and non-toxic and chemical free, thus I might opt for this cleaner over some of the non-natural products if that is important to you.  Our lower ranking was mostly on the price point as this won't get you too far, but will probably be one of the more effective cleaners for your leather furniture.   One reviewer says this: "Skidmore's was easy to apply and soaked in with no residue left behind. I have a really old top grain leather sofa purchased second hand that had dried out with lots of tiny cracks and a couple of huge scratches." 




Lexol Conditioner Cleaner Kit- $14.83

One of the more affordable leather cleaner and conditioning sets, this kit from Lexol also comes with two applicator sponges.  This product does use chemicals thus this is the one I'd be most concerned with doing damage to my sofa.  Some people say it works great although some claim that it has done irreparable damage to their couch.  Again, I'd probably first consult with my manufacturer before using this one.  We recommend it here because of the solid reviews, but always advise caution.  Have you used Lexol before on your leather furniture?  Let me know what you think at 


If you've tried a leather sofa cleaner that you swear by and it's not listed here, let me know at or just leave a comment below.  

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