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The majority of leather sofas sold on Amazon today are Amazon brands, made by external manufacturers, similar to what is sold at big box mall stores such as Costco and Macy's

Now, we've discussed in past articles how some of Amazon's so-called leather couches could indeed be made from rexine, yet we've still not heard back from Amazon as to what the true materials are.

Still we decided to take a look at the available options on Amazon to at least find those leather sofas that had a very positive review from its customers.  So, here we go, here are the top ten reviewed leather sofas on Amazon for under $2000.  We also provide our own commentary aside from the Amazon reviewers.

The Ten Best Budget Leather Sofas On Amazon < $2000


#1 Rated

Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Modern Leather Bench Loveseat Sofa - $1264

This is a super classic mid-century modern look, made by Amazon's Rivet brand.  Despite some of our questions on Amazon's leather used in its couches, it is advertised as a 'top grain leather' sofa.  While some people complain about the quality of the construction, more rave about the look and feel of the sofa.  Some say that it helped to add extra leather conditioner, thus it might take a bit more effort to maintain.


#2 Rated

Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Sofa Couch -$1185

This modern leather sofa from Amazon's Rivet brand is a great option for more of that 'city' look.  It's interesting to note that Amazon calls this couch material 'leather upholstery' as opposed to some other Rivet couches which are advertised as 'top grain'.  Note we need more clarity on this, but still this couch has a 4.5 star rating from Amazon customers. Some say this is 'not real leather' but some say the 'leather' is 'soft and of good quality'. 


#3 Rated

Rivet Andrews Contemporary Top-Grain Leather Sofa - $1181

Again, here's a discrepancy I've noticed with the Amazon leather couches, some advertise as 'Top Grain' and some such as the Revolve Modern advertise as 'leather upholstered'.  If it were up to us, I'd go for the one that says Top Grain.  This couch has a great look and is perfect for any living room.  One reviewer says that the couch is perfect for her family "and the leather is a beautiful warm caramel color".  


#4 Rated

Rivet Kaden Mid-Century Modern Adjustable Headrest Leather Loveseat Sofa - $849

Important note on this Kaiden sofa from Rivet.  In the description, the product is described like this: "Seat and back cushions feature top grain leather; side and back of sofa are split leather".  Many furniture companies in order to cut costs with materials will use lower grade materials on the non-high traffic areas (specifically not the cushions). Probably the reason for the lower price point on this sofa.  While reviewers like this couch a few called it 'itchy'. 


#5 Rated

Rivet Brooke Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Sofa Couch - $1671

I'm really impartial to this mid-century look and many that have purchased this Rivet Brooke sofa say that the couch has a 'vintage look', and is 'elegant' and 'comfy'.  When we get back to leather materials, this one is mysteriously vague, some say it is made of rexine.  Reviewers seem to like it which is what we are here to discuss, but I would want some more information from Amazon as to the materials used before purchasing. 


#6 Rated

Rivet Alonzo Contemporary Leather Sofa Couch - $1718

Super sleek style with wide armrests, this Rivet Alonzo sofa is well liked by Amazon customers who say the couch is 'firm', yet comfortable and is a 'gorgeous' cognac color.  On the leather front, some say they ordered a swatch and it said 'top grain leather'. 

#7 Rated

Rivet Bigelow Modern Leather Sofa - $1318

Another mid-century look from Rivet with square lines, this sofa has a great look.  Now this is where we however start to examine some of the details.  Amazon calls the Bigelow sofa materials used on this couch as 'leather upholstery' which tends to make us think it could be made of rexine.  The other big issue on this couch is that it has less than ten reviews.  Buyer beware.


#8 Rated

Hydeline Dillon 100% Leather Sofa Couch - $1999

The first non 'Rivet' couch to enter the top ten, this couch has a classic leather look and one of only two non Amazon brands to be included in the top ten budget leather sofas.  Note that this couch uses top grain leather for the high traffic areas and the remaining back and side areas use 'splits'.  This is the main reason this couch goes for less than $2000.  Amazon customers call this sofa 'comfortable' with 'high quality leather'. 


#9 Rated

Hydeline Laguna 100% Leather Sofa - $1999

More rounded features as compared to the Hydeline Dillon, this couch has similar leather quality, with a combination of top grain and split grain leather.  This is a decent budget option for those that cannot afford a more expensive leather couch.  Buyers say the Hydeline Dillon is comfortable and beautiful with one Amazon buyer saying the couch exceeded her expectations, calling the couch "gorgeous and high quality, great leather with great color". 


#10 Rated

Poly & Bark Napa Modern Mid-Century Sofa - $1599

Another non-Amazon brand, Poly & Bark is an independent manufacturer which sells their furniture in stores such as Target and Home Depot.  I found some reviews over at Yelp, and overall people seem fairly happy with Poly & Bark.   This sofa is supposedly made of pure-aniline dyed Italian tanned leather.  I actually just ordered a swatch (for free) from the Poly and Bark website so will come back to provide some more details.  Overall, this seems like a pretty good buy as users say the sofa is 'buttery soft and feels durable'. 

Have any experience purchasing a leather sofa from Amazon?  

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