Is Macy’s Leather Furniture Good Quality?

When I was first in the market for a new leather sofa, I was immediately drawn to the known name of Macy's and the attractive pricing on some of their leather furniture.  I think most consumers feel the same and that their furniture is of very high quality.  So, the big question, does Macy's have high quality leather furniture?

Macy's doesn't carry any specific brand name sofas as all of their leather furniture is made by external furniture manufacturers.  I've found that most of their leather couches are made by a company Jonathan Louis, which also sells it's couches in some of the big box retailers such as Jordan's and Cardi Furniture. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and the quality of Macy's Leather furniture is not very good.

Note that on any of the Macy's leather furniture listings, if you examine the details, the only information you get regarding the leather materials is that the couch is '100% leather'.  Now this terminology is thrown around a lot in the furniture business and can mean many different things.  I dug a little deeper and found a very short blog post on the topic on the Macy's website.  

Macy's - What Does 100% Leather Mean?

"Is is genuine leather? Is one of the most frequently asked questions at Macy’s Furniture Galleries. If it is shown in one of our galleries the answer is YES!!! All of the collections we carry in store feature Top Grain leather in all areas that would touch your body when sitting. Most frequently top grain leather is paired with split grain leather in the sides and back and in some cases PVC match. Rest assured you will not find your self seated on bonded leather or vinyl if it in our showroom"

Thus, Macy's is using real leather for the cushions but replacing the remainder of the couch with inferior materials.  From the sounds of it, some bonded material on the backs and sides.  

I've spent a lot of time researching Jonathan Louis and most of the reviews are quite negative.  Here's one example from Complaints Board and this it seems is quite a common theme:

Review of Jonathan Louis at Complaints Board

"I purchased a Jonathan Louis couch four years ago. The cushions were a problem from the start and the couch is sinking! I thought that after all this time I would work with Jonathan Louis to fix my couch but they are completely uncooperative and are acting like its not under warranty, as if it's not the structure of the couch that is making the problems. I have ordered everything to put under the cushions to stop the couch from sinking and it doesn't work! I bought this couch for $1100, thinking it would be a piece of furniture I would have for my life, and now I fear that it will just go to the dumpster."

Consumer Affairs also shows that customers are not very happy with their furniture purchases at Macy's.  Out of 49 reviews, Macy's earns a 2/5.  


"We purchased a leather couch and love seat from Macy’s two months ago. The cushion that is used the most has collapsed to the point of me bottoming out when I sit on it. They sent an inspector to my house and claimed it is wear and tear. $2500 for furniture that collapsed in two months and that is wear and tear. I weigh 165 pounds and managed to completely collapse a cushion in two months. "

Ultimately, despite the attractive price point, we would recommend avoiding leather couches at Macy's.  If you have any experience with Macy's leather couches good or bad, feel free to comment below.


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