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Out of all the inquiries from readers, there has been a persistent outcry to get a deeper dive into the Article Sven Sofa. The Sven is one of the most popular sofas at Article Furniture. Here, I will provide my unbiased opinion after hours of research and discussions with consumers.

Of course, buying a sofa online with just an image and promises of quality and comfort is a scary proposition since you need to get an idea of the comfort and quality in construction.

Thus, I will do everything I can to help you decide whether or not to buy the Sven sofa from Article. And if you are a proud (or not so proud) owner of a Sven sofa, I want to know!

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Ok, onto the review.....

The Sven collection sofas have an attractive mid-century modern design, with boxed edges and a tufted bench seat. Bonus - each Sven sofa also includes two round bolster pillows.


The Article Sven leather sofa, which looks nearly identical to the Poly & Bark Napa leather sofa.

The Sven sofas come in fabric, velvet, or leather material. There are also different options for seating capacity and colors.

The sizes on the Sven range from 72 inches (2.5 seaters) to 88 inches (3 seaters) and can accommodate 3 – 4 or more people, depending on whether they are adults or children.

What Kind of Leather Does Article Use On Its Sofas?

Article uses full and semi-aniline full grain leather for its Sven sofas. After reviewing all the leather sofas from Article, I found out that this is the only type of leather that the company uses, and the differences between the two are as follows: 

  • In the full aniline leather, the natural markings are visible on the leather, including the scratches and the bug bites. This is because the dying process aims to retain the natural markings. 
  • In semi-aniline leather, the dying process does not retain the natural markings. Hence, it applies a thin layer of wax before the dying process to achieve a uniform appearance. 

Note that the two brown Sven sofas (Charme Chocolat and Charme Tan) use full aniline leather, which Article calls 'Charme Leather .' The Sven leather sofas in black and blue use a semi-aniline called the 'Oxford Leather'. 


Sven in Charme Chocolat leather

Does Article Leather Hold Up?

Article has pointed out that the leather sofas are made from real leather and are durable for decades. There are, however, mixed reactions from different users, with some owners of pets claiming that it requires maintenance and applying conditioner to the leather to keep it soft and comfortable.

I spoke to the owner of one Sven leather sofa, who told me the Sven had 'looked like crap' after their dog and cat had spent some time on the couch. This was after only two years of ownership.

Readers tell me that the Sven also requires constant fluffing to remain in shape; otherwise, it will sag and look unpleasant in your living room


Some users have claimed this is beyond a maintenance issue for a leather sofa costing nearly $2k, which in reality is probably what it should cost, given that most high quality leather sofas retail at $4K and over.

After digesting multiple reviews and based on hundreds of consumer feedback, I believe that Article Sven Leather Sofas require consistent maintenance and may not be a good choice for a family with children or pets. 

Here's one Sven owner who speaks highly of the comfort on the Sven sofa, and seems to have no issues recommending it to people. Although I quickly noticed that the sofa appears quite worn after only one year.

This comment on the video was a bit alarming as well

I bought mine, the same sofa, two years ago. It looks beautiful the leather feels great. However, it is not comfortable! The foam used in the seating is thin, I am only 5'10, 152lb and after a year of using it every day, I started feeling the wood underneath. Nonetheless, the back pillows needed more feathers, which I had to open and added. The worst thing is that I also bought the daybed from them. The daybed is comfortable, but it is one person's bed. I bought thinking that I would have a double bed as a spare in my office. I tried unsuccessfully to post a negative review under the article website. I am glad you posted the video. Big regret!

What's Good About Article Sven Sofas?

Despite some red flags, the Article Sven Sofa could be a good choice for some consumers. While there are some mixed reactions in terms of leather quality, cushions, and other aspects of its features, some of the positives include the following: 

Elegant Mid-Century Modern Design 

No one can dispute the elegance that comes with the styling and mid-century design of the Sven sofas. They offer a beautiful design, right down to the finest details. When the couch is brand new, as you can see on the images on the Article's website, they look pleasing to the eye and can suit any living room.


One quick mention that the Article Sven sofa looks identical to the Poly & Bark Napa sofa, so not sure if one is stealing designs from one another, or just made by the same supplier.

Variety of Colors, Materials, and Sizes 

Article offers a great selection of colors, whether buying the Sven in fabric, velvet, or a leather covering. 

The colors available for all material types include white, gray, brown, black, blue, green, yellow, and orange. 

Article Sven Sofas are also available in different sizes, choosing either the 2.5+ seater (72 inches wide) or the 3+ seater (88 inches wide). 

The 2.5+ seater Sven is a good choice for those needing seating in a smaller area like an apartment, whereas the 3+ seater is suitable for those seeking a traditional sofa.

Availability and Ease of Shipping 

A few issues have been reported regarding the shipping of Article's products, yet many of those complaints happened during the pandemic rush of demand. However, most buyers report great satisfaction regarding shipping and the time they receive their orders. 

Competitive Price

Compared to its competitors, Article Sven sofas come with competitive and affordable prices for the quality that it promises. The leather sofas in the traditional 88 inch length retail at $1899, which might seem too good to be true (it actually is). But at the price point, it is a way for apartment dwellers and college students to get mid-century modern at a budget. 

Easy to Re-Stuff 

You don't need to take it to an upholster for re-stuffing. It has a zipper that makes it easy to fill it up. However, most homeowners have no idea how to do this. Thankfully, that's where YouTube and TikTok comes in. 

Article Sven Leather Sofa Review 

There are two different leather options from Article's Sven Collection, but they all have the same stylish, mid-century modern design. 

The Sven Charme Tan (lightish brown leather) is the most popular color of the Sven leather sofas. This couch has experienced a surge in demand given the reasonable pricing--only $1899 for the 3+ seater.


The Article Sven Charme leather sofa.

The price point to me is also a bit of a red flag--most high-quality USA-produced leather sofas have a minimum of $3000 and that often doesn't get you a top-of-the-line couch.

Thus, when your price point is below $2000 it does raise some eyebrows. 

A lot of this has to do with the frame construction. The frame is built with composite 'solid' wood, which will not provide the same sort of longevity as a frame built with solid hardwoods. 

In addition, the suspension system of the Article Sven sofa uses a Pirelli webbing system, which is the cheapest suspension on the market.


Example of webbing suspension with furniture

And based on the reviews, the cushions are really flimsy (filled with feathers), meaning there is a high likelihood you would be filling up the cushions again at some point.

Regarding leather quality, the issue with untreated leather used in manufacturing the Sven Article Sofas is that it can easily get scratched and stained too quickly. 

Some users point out that using good leather oil helped solve the staining problem. Remember, full aniline leather can quickly get stained, so if you can figure out a maintenance schedule, you'll be ok, but I doubt the leather used here is super high quality.

Article Sven Fabric Sofa Review 

One of the fabric options in the Sven Sofa collection is the Sven Briar Gray Sofa. The design looks similar to the Sven leather sofas, but the material is the only difference. Note the Sven also comes in a velvet material.


Article's fabric options have received a lot of critiques from different users, with most claiming that it is of low quality, pills constantly, and is not durable. 

According to our research, the fabric, while new, feels rough, but with time, the roughness fades.

I have the Sven sectional in birch ivory. It's a great style sofa but I've been very disappointed. The fabric is not at all durable and pills constantly. Also, worse it's very uncomfortable. I contacted Article but all they offered was to give me a gift card for a fabric shaver.  - Reddit User

Overall, Article's fabric sofa comes in a unique and great design, is comfortable, and is perfect for any living room.

However, with time, the back pillows get misshaped, and you need to fluff them up regularly to keep them in shape.

Therefore, if considering the Sven fabric sofas, you might have to engage in regular maintenance (see fabric shaver, what!). If you don't mind the upkeep, it could be an excellent loveseat for your living room, but I have a hard time recommending it. 

Article Sven Velvet Sofa Review 

If you have seen the Pacific Blue Sven Sofa, then it is no doubt that it looks great for any living room. Apart from the incredible design and attractive color, it is affordable and less expensive than most competitors. Currently, the 3+ seater retails for $1499. 


The issue is whether it can withstand the test of time while living with pets or with children. The Sven velvet sofa seems to be a magnet for pet hair, with a constant need for vacuuming more regularly. Thus, a handheld vaccum is a must. 

"Velvet is high-maintenance and very demanding, especially if you live with pets. It can easily attract pet hair and dust hence the need for regular cleaning." - says one Reddit user 

In addition to that, the cushions have been reported many times to compress easily, causing them to sag. This comes down to inferior quality for the foam cushioning inside. A high density foam is a must when buying a sofa that gets a lot of wear and tear. 

See our guide to high quality sofa construction for more info on foam density in sofa cushions.

From the many reviews I have gone through on YouTube, it clearly seems the Sven Velvet filling is stuffed with feathers that tend to pop through the velvet hence degrading the quality of this sofa.

Is the Sven Couch Comfortable?

One of the things consistent regarding the Sven sofa is the comfort level of the couch. Most buyers say the Sven couch is comfortable and it feels fantastic. The ample cushions on the back of the sofa add to its comfort. 

In terms of firmness, the cushions are flexible and soft enough. Most describe it as "plushy ."Based on the reviews, the comfiness of the sofa may degenerate with time just based on the overall quality of the sofa. 

Of course, almost all couches are comfortable out of the box, but the difference comes with time. As the couch ages, things can quickly change. I've noticed on nearly every YouTube video review I've watched of the Sven that the seat cushions are sagging. 

Downsides of The Article Sven Sofa 

Based on the many reviews that we have gathered, we can summarize the downsides of the Article Sven sofa as follows:

  • The leather used by Article can easily get scratches or stains. Based on my experience, the leather used by Article is inferior to some of the top USA-based leather sofa manufacturers.
  • Poor cushion quality (filled with feathers) that will not stand up to the test of time. Likely will need to replace the insides of the cushions only a few years after ownership. This is just based on my viewing of some YouTube reviews - check out how much the Sven cushions are sagging.
  • Low-quality Pirelli webbing as suspension means that the support on the frame isn't going to hold up in the same way that an 8-way hand tied sofa suspension system will.
  • The Sven fabric material has also been reported to pill constantly, degrading the quality of Article's fabric sofas. 

Final thoughts 

Hopefully this gives you some guidance on what to expect when buying a Sven sofa from Article. Long story short, you will find few stylish, high-quality leather or velvet mid-century modern sofas for under $2000.

The price is where it is for a reason. The leathers are cheap, the frame is cheap, the suspension is cheap, and the cushions are cheap. But hey, it does look good. 

So, if you want some 'fast fashion,' a beautiful couch that will likely run into issues in 3-5 years, then the Sven is perfect. 

It might be a perfect choice for some who don't use the sofa daily. But as an everyday living room sofa, I'd look elsewhere. 

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