La-Z-Boy has been a well-known brand providing quality recliners for over 90 years.  The Talladega Recliner is one of the best-selling and best reviewed lazy boy leather recliners.  This review will look closer at the Talladega Recliner and evaluate its features, design, comfort, durability, price, and value. In our previous review of the La-Z-Boy brand, we came away feeling

La-Z-Boy Talladega Recliner Review

A zero wall recliner (sometimes referred to as a ‘wall hugger’) is a reclining chair that has become increasingly popular recently. It is designed to allow users to recline without taking up too much space, making it a perfect choice for those with limited home space. The unique feature of the zero wall recliner is that

What Is A Zero Wall Recliner?

If you’re shopping for a new leather sofa, you’ll likely encounter some new terms you’ve never heard before. The terminology can be overwhelming whether it’s top grain or full grain leather, 8-way hand-tied suspension or corner blocked frame. Most of us want to buy a high quality sofa, so why does it have to be so

What Does Corner Blocked Frame Mean?

Many consumers encounter the term ‘genuine leather’ when shopping for new furniture and think they have a seal of approval from the furniture industry.  However, that couldn’t be any further from the truth.  The term ‘genuine leather’ might be one of the furniture industry’s most confusing and misunderstood.  Simply put, genuine leather is a type of leather

What Is A Genuine Leather Sofa?

The Cloud Sofa, the brainchild of the late Timothy Oulton, is one of the best-selling furniture pieces from Restoration Hardware. RH says the Cloud sofa is ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Sofa.’ It promises unrivaled comfort, quality, and reliability. But does it live up to the hype?  The Cloud is available in many sizes, including as a traditional

Cloud Sofa Restoration Hardware Review

One of the more common inquiries I’ve had of late is regarding the West Elm Melbourne Leather sofa. It’s a sharp sofa, but not unlike a lot of of other mid-century looks from others. What are my thoughts after reviewing the Melbourne sofa? It’s an attractive sofa, and while many consumers might get lured in by the

West Elm Melbourne Sofa Review

So, you’ve come across the term “full-grain leather” in your sofa shopping adventures. Unfortunately, the furniture industry uses different jargon when advertising its products. Thus, the shopping experience can be confusing and frustrating for non-industry experts. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of full-grain leather.  Full-grain leather is made from

What Is Full-Grain Leather?

Scandinavian Designs (not to be confused with the actual Scandinavian style) is a furniture retailer with 44 stores across 14 states in the US.   The company is focused on modern, contemporary, mid-century modern furniture with designs inspired by Scandinavian design influences. My conclusion on Scandinavian Designs and the quality of its furniture? Scandinavian Designs does not manufacture

Scandinavian Designs Sofa Review (Good Quality Or Not?)

Ashley Furniture is an American family-based company with over 70 years of success in the furniture industry. Ashley is a behemoth in the space and is, today, the #1 Furniture Manufacturer in the World. Consumers can shop for Ashley’s furniture via its website, through retail partners, or in person at one of its more than 1000 Ashley HomeStore

Ashley Furniture Leather Sofa Review (Good Quality Or Not?)

The allure of a leather recliner or a sectional sofa in a living room is undeniable.  These pieces don’t just offer seating; they offer an experience, a luxurious comfort that’s unmatched.  But what determines the quality of leather on that beloved Chesterfield sofa or accent chair you’ve been eyeing at Pottery Barn? Pottery Barn Turner Leather SofaMost consumers

What Is Top Grain Leather?

Out of all the inquiries from readers, there has been a persistent outcry to get a deeper dive into the Article Sven Sofa. The Sven is one of the most popular sofas at Article Furniture. Here, I will provide my unbiased opinion after hours of research and discussions with consumers.Of course, buying a sofa online with

Article Sven Sofa Review

If you’re on the market for a new sofa, you might have come across 8-way hand-tied suspension systems in your research. If you are wondering what this means in terms of buying new furniture, we are here to break it all down.  It is important to note that furniture manufacturers use different techniques to build suspension

Are 8-Way Hand-Tied Suspension Systems The Best Choice?