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Woodrow Skandi 87″ Leather Sofa, Walnut/Cognac


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Construction Style Woodrow Skandi Modern Classic Sofa
Leather Type Full grain aniline dyed leather. Supple, buttery soft & natural
Leather Finish With natural oils and waxes – not paints and polymers
Leather Thickness Hides range from 0.9-1.1mm
Seat Style Removable Full Cushion With Rear Zipper
Seat Tufting Button Free Tufting
Safe Foam Durable, comfortable, safe. Meets fire regulations without VOCs
Cushions Generous multi-density foam fiber mix
Seating Comfort Level Medium. Consistent support, comfortable conversation, streaming for hours
Dimension Overall Dimension Width 86.75″ x Depth 32″ x Height 34″
Seat Dimension Width 78.7″ x Depth 31.5″ (w/ cushion 22″)
Height Details Floor to Seat 17.3″, Seat to Top of Back 16.7″
Features The entire sofa sectional is stitched and crafted by hand
3 step sanding wood preparation. Medium & fine grit
Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content
Includes 2 bolster cushions with rear zippers
Walnut brass stiletto legs with floor protectors
Lifetime Warranty
View More Details NEXT LEVEL COMFORT Feels like we’re introducing tomorrow’s classic. Built for laid back lounging, Skandi is our luxe contemporary, most relaxed, statement sofa. The one of a kind grain fingerprint only American Walnut can provide; what a savvy way to personalize your space. And we can vouch for the comfort. It’s something we’ve engineered into the generous full-length seat cushion and supporting spring tension system.
NATURALS INTO YOUR SPACE What a warm way to add a ‘luxe statement’ to your space; introduce natural wood. And American Walnut’s warm brown graining means it’s the perfect species to build this masterpiece from. We love how the plush comfy cushioning contrasts with the wood surface. Thank your Black Walnut for the good looks from every angle; the possibilities with this statement-piece are ongoing.
FULL GRAIN ANILINE DYED LEATHER Famous for its soft buttery feel, a full-grain leather hide is a top layer that has been carefully dyed to preserve the natural variations in color tone. Full-grain leather has grain & markings that are as unique as individual fingerprints. Without topical colors and sealers the leather touches, expands, contracts and breathes naturally. Experience hours of seating goodness with all the genuine color & grain variation, a signature of Full Grain. It gets better. Through age and use, the leather will develop a warm surface sheen known as “patina”. It’s the patina that gives the furniture its comforting, vintage look.
ABOUT AMERICAN WALNUT Hold the stain. American Walnut has its own natural brown color tones. The natural wood presents lighter and darker tones within the various grains. Blends well with light or darker wood pieces.




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