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Woodrow Neo 126″ Leather Sofa U-Sectional, Walnut/Black Aniline


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Construction Style Mid-Century Modern Walnut wrapped Sofa Sectional
Leather Type 100% upholstered in Genuine Top Grain Premium Soft Aniline Leather
Body Frame Traditional hardwood box frame construction
Back Style Fitted back angle pitch 1-piece back
Leg Design Wood Stiletto 8″ tall
Seat Style Removable seat cushion with rear zipper
Seat Platform Reinforced bottom seat cushion platform for firm longer lasting support
Foam Type Foam Durable, comfortable, safe. Meets fire regulations without VOCs
Seating Comfort level Medium Soft. Consistent support, sink in relaxation
Dimension Overall Dimension Width 126″ x Depth 67″ x Height 27.5
Dimension Floor to seat height 19″
Sofa Module Width 66.3″ x Depth 31.5″
Chaise Module Width 30.1″ x Depth 67″
Seat Dimension Inside Width 117″ x Inside Depth 22″
Packaging Details Box 1 of 3: Width 71″ x Depth 34″ x Height 27″ – 153 lbs
Packaging Details Box 2 of 3: Width 70″ x Depth 36″ x Height 26″ – 157 lbs
Packaging Details Box 3 of 3: Width 71″ x Depth 34″ x Height 27″ – 153 lbs
Features The entire sofa sectional is stitched and crafted by hand
Down Feather stuffed cushion you can sink into
American Walnut Veneer back, sides and undercarriage
Comes standard with floor protection caps on legs
100% Genuine Top Grain Premium Soft Aniline Leather Piping and Buttons
3-step sanding. Medium & fine grit
Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content
Kardiel 3-Year Limited Warranty
View More Details WE CAN VOUCH We can confirm, there is no larger statement piece. Modern, classic and with the help of Neo’s overstuffed seat cushions, super comfortable. Woodrow Neo is the classic American Walnut sofa in brass tipped legs. And we can vouch for the comfort. It’s engineered in to its seat and the tilt angle of the back.
MAKING THE ICON Ever see a modern space gone wrong? Did it feel cold and clinical? Well executed Modernism, balances clean aesthetics with warm natural elements. Woodrow Neo combines the intrigue of genuine Natural American Walnut wood. Add in modern button tufted upholstery and brass capped Solid American Walnut stiletto legs to top it off. Woodrow is the ultimate interior design anchor for transforming minimalist spaces into modernist spaces that are bold, natural and inviting.
GENUINE TOP GRAIN ANILINE LEATHER A small percent of the world’s leather supply is of high enough quality for 100% Top Grain Aniline upholstered furniture. Aniline Dyeing is the process of soaking the hides in transparent aniline, which allows color to absorb into the natural hide. Top Grain Aniline leather is then topical stain protected to minimize liquid absorption during everyday use but does not require imitation grain stamping methods, which imprint a Faux grain over the majority of the leather surface. Without all the synthetic topical coatings, it breathes naturally making it comfortable for seating. It is soft, supple, durable and pliable, maintaining the characteristics of pure leather.
ABOUT AMERICAN WALNUT Hold the stain. American Walnut has its own natural brown color tones. The natural wood presents lighter and darker tones within the various grains. Blends well with light or darker wood pieces.




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