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Pinta Vegan Leather Power Recliner


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This massage chair is a premium product with many advanced features. It uses innovative 3D manipulation technology to allow the massage roller to move in three dimensions. This means the roller can move in multiple directions (up and down, side to side, front to back), providing a more comprehensive, realistic massage experience. In addition, the massage chair also has a smart core technology that provides stronger support for overall performance and functionality, allowing users to enjoy a smarter and more efficient massage experience.The massage chair is equipped with a zero-gravity capsule function, allowing users to experience the feeling of weightlessness. Zero gravity is located at the optimal Angle of the recliner, allowing the legs to rise above heart level, thus evenly distributing body weight, reducing pressure on the spine, and improving the effect of massage. The massage chair features an SL track design that provides precise massages for the head, neck, back and waist. The SL track extends in an S-shape from the neck to the waist, ensuring that the massage roller can cover a wider area and meet the massage needs of the user in all aspects. Whole-body pressure massage is another feature of the massage chair. Built-in airbags or air chambers inflate and deflate in an orderly manner, applying gentle pressure and compression to different parts of the body, providing a massage-like feeling and promoting relaxation. The back room temperature hyperthermia is one of the unique functions of the massage chair. It uses a specially designed heating element to provide a sustained and gentle heat therapy effect on the back. Heat therapy relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and enhances the overall massage experience. Simulated palm massage is one of the highlights of the massage chair. It uses a massage roller design to simulate the movements and skills of the human hand, so that users feel the massage experience from a professional massage therapist. The massage speed is adjustable, and users can adjust the speed of the massage roller according to their preferences and comfort level, providing flexibility and personalized


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