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Copenhagen 47″ Leather Sofa, Natural/White Italian


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Construction Style Mid-Century Modern Loveseat
Leather Type 100% Genuine Italian leather seat and back
Wood Species Solid Natural American Ash Timbers
Wood Preparation Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content
Wood Preparation 3 step sanded. Coarse medium and fine grit
Wood Finish 3 coats of UV cured Polyurethane
Cushions Multi-density low profile Dacron wrapped foam cushions
Seat Platform Reinforced bottom seat cushion platform for firm longer lasting support
Dimension Overall Dimension Width 46.9″ x Depth 29.9″ x Height 32.7″
Dimension Floor to seat height 16.6″
Seat Dimension Seat Width 44″ x Seat Depth 21″
Features The entire loveseat is stitched and crafted by hand
Removable zippered seat cushion
Seams hand-sewn using original Danish under-tuck lock-stitch
Full width affixed solid back
Solid varnished wood undercarriage with splayed legs
Solid suspending wood frame platform
Kardiel 3 Year Limited Warranty
View More Details Copenhagen ’45 Mid-Century Modern Loveseat A well-recognized icon of mid-century modern design. Free-flowing, airy and elegant in concept. The original series was created in 1945 by Danish midcentury modern furniture designer Finn Juhl. In handcrafting this mid-century modern masterpiece, the Kardiel Copenhagen ’45 combines quality material such as solid American Ash timbers and durable leather upholstery with attention to the original intricate design detail.
Making the Icon The year was 1945 and Finn Juhl had just released the original model 45 chair. The 45 was a break from the traditional armchair in that the seat and back were freed by design from the frame of the chair. A floating visual from all angles and an architecturally intriguing frame were the bi-products of this newly found freedom. Like the original, this exceptional reproduction features a solid timber American Ash frame. Finn achieved the drawn-out windswept appearance by drawing the arms upward and forward while the mid seat frame section draws down and toward the back. Comfort is achieved through the foam wrapped and upholstered foam frame and plush multi-density seat cushion.
The subtle curve of the back follows the original intent and provides a seating experience that surrounds and cradles with comfort. The soft sculptural flow is achieved with rotated round timbers that arch and curve at select points rather than ending at sharp 90 degree edges. True to the original, natural solid American Ash is used to create the frame. An ash stain & clear polyurethane finish is applied. The 45 is a complicated piece to reproduce with numerous details crucial to the success of the overall design.
Genuine Italian Leather High grade Italian leather is used on all surfaces of the Tripod Plywood chair. Italian Leather is a grade class above the standard grade leather. Realistic leather graining and a softer surface to the touch results in a more comfortable lounging experience.
ABOUT AMERICAN ASH The natural wood presents lighter cooler tones. Natural ash is prized for its clean grain that mixes well with modernist furniture styles.




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