COCOCO Home Leather Sofa Review (Good Quality Or Not?)


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COCOCO Home got it roots as a sort of 'accidental furniture company', but today its pieces are highly regarded as some of the best furniture made in the US. 

My conclusion on COCOCO Home? 

They offer good quality USA made furniture at a mid tier price point. Materials used for construction of their sofas appears to be good, especially the leathers which are sourced from the same importer used by Restoration Hardware. I would certainly recommend COCOCO Home for any consumer looking for stylish leather at a more affordable price point as compared to premium furniture retailers. 

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COCOCO Home was formed as a sort of 'accidental funiture company'.  Today, after over 13 years in business, the company is quickly becoming a popular choice for consumers looking for USA manufactured furniture at a mid-tier price point. 

Key  Features:

  • Stylish designs at a mid tier price, below premium furniture retailers
  • Overall good quality in materials used
  • Some marketing spin makes the quality seem a bit more premium than it actually is
  • Overall good reviews, with most complaints about delivery times and minor issues with quality control







What's The Background Of COCOCO Home?

Steve and Danielle Sechrest were in dire straits in the midst of the great recession back in 2008. The couple had lost both their business and home; the future was looking bleak.

Steve and Danielle Sechrest, founders of COCOCO Home Furniture

In a move of desperation, Steve started making sofa slipcovers for popular retail sofa brands and was selling them on eBay.

Around the same time, Steve approached a North Carolina based furniture company and offered to start selling their products online.

On a bit of whim, they launched a website, with a catchy company name - The Comfortable Couch Company.  

It wouldn't be long before the Sechrests would soon make a mark for themselves. 

Today, the company still prides itself on USA manufactured furniture with superior caftsmanship at a more affordable price than some other premium furniture brands, such as Restoration Hardware

Now formally known as COCOCO Home, the Sechrests are making a name for themselves in the NC furniture belt. 

Is COCOCO Home Legit?

If you're considering purchasing furniture from COCOCO Home, you might be wondering if the company is legitimate.

COCOCO Home is a furniture store that was founded in 2009 by Steve and Danielle Sechrest. The company offers a wide range of furniture, including sofas, chairs, and tables.

There are a few things to consider when determining whether or not COCOCO Home is a legitimate company.

First, the company has been in business for over 13 years now. This is generally a good sign that the company is legitimate. 

Additionally, COCOCO Home has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with no formally lodged complaints with the BBB (an excellent sign).


COCOCO Home has an A+ rating with the BBB

I usually check TrustPilot as well, and COCOCO has a 2.7 star rating out of 5 at Trust Pilot (albeit on only 7 reviews). I examined the reviews and there is one bad complaint about shipping, mixed in with some very positive reviews, so not enough for me to steer you clear of COCOCO.

I should also mention COCOCO Home offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Overall, you can be confident that COCOCO Home is a legitimate company that offers high-quality furniture at a reasonable price. If you're looking for new furniture, COCOCO Home is definitely worth considering.

Does COCOCO Home Manufacture Its Own Furniture?

All of COCOCO Home's furniture is manufactured in their Maiden, North Carolina facility.

From their website:

Local artisans build the wood frames and assemble all of the cushions in North Carolina. Exquisite leathers and beautiful fabrics are sewn and hand-fitted to each frame. Buttons, tufts, and stitching are then added by hand, ensuring the utmost attention and quality in the details of each craftsman-made piece.

What's The Quality Of COCOCO Home Furniture?

COCOCO Home claims on its website that its wood frames are made by 'local artisans' and that its 'exquisite leathers and beautiful fabrics are sewn and hand-fitted to each frame'. 

They also claim that its sofa frames use "kiln dried hardwoods, certified to be grown in a sustainable manner".  They also state that each frame is "designed by a qualified engineer .. and components are assembled by experienced craftsmen using blocks in all corners, double doweled or mortise and tenoned joinery, metal fasteners and glue where needed".


Everly Leather sofa from COCOCO Home

In terms of suspension, COCOCO states that it uses 'a very high end system from Leggett & Platt’s “Elite” series', the “Soft Luxe”.  

They state that the 'Soft Luxe' is a pocketed coil system featuring Ultra high coil density (300 per standard sofa) which means more working surface wire per seat allowing greater conformity to body contours

Ok are you lost yet? What does this all mean you might be asking?

First, I want to state all of that upfront to see if we can either confirm (nor deny) the statements made by COCOCO. My first thoughts when I visited their site, was that they have a very slick website, and I immediately became concerned with all the exaggerated terminology regarding their craftsmanship.

Translation - I was concerned they could be embellishing the facts to make it seem like their quality might be better than advertised.

Note this is an important reference point in all of this discussion about quality.

The Frame. The fact that they are using "kiln dried hardwoods" is a good first step, however, the statement is missing the key important adjective 'solid' in front of hardwoods. Thus, COCOCO is likely just using plywoods for its frames. This fact was initially confirmed by Duane over at My Furniture Forum.

Suspension:  If you read our aforementioned guide to high quality construction, you would know that Eight Way Hand Tied suspension systems are the best (but most costly). COCOCO's wording of its suspension system makes it sound like its the best thing ever, but ultimately a Leggett & Platt high coil suspension system is just a drop in spring grid that is still highly effective, but much cheaper to install for the manufacturer. 

Overall, the quality of COCOCO Home sofas is good, I'd consider it in the middle of the pack of all furniture retailers. Certainly not high end, as they do cut some costs (and some corners) to arrive at a cheaper price point. Still, for the cost, the value is still quite good.

What Sort Of Leather Does COCOCO Home Use?

The majority of COCOCO's leather offerings are either Full Grain or Top Grain hides from Moore & Giles

Note that Moore & Giles is a Virgina based leather importer that also provides hides to the likes of Hancock & Moore and Restoration Hardware.

Thus, I have a good level of comfort that COCOCO is buying top grade leathers for its sofas. 

You can learn more about the leathers used on COCOCO sofas here and even order swatches for the colors you desire.

COCOCO Home Sofa Reviews

I did some digging online to see what word on the street is for COCOCO. The findings?

People generally are quite happy with their purchases from COCOCO and the positive reviews certainly outweigh the complaints for the company.

Over at Houzz there are a bunch of comments/reviews that we can work with to try and see if there are any glaring quality or customer service problems.  


Chesterfield Sofa From COCOCO

The good? Customers love the products and rave about the design and overall quality of craftsmanship. There's a lot of comments on the company's chesterfield sofas and the fact that it is really a 'statement piece'.  Here's one example review:

We absolutely love our 10' radial Chesterfield sectional. It is gorgeous and so well made! We get compliments on it all of the time. The craftsmanship is exceptional. We also ordered a beautiful leather chair and matching ottoman. It is exquisite. Their experts helped us so much and we also love that everything is made in the USA. We will definitely be repeat customers!

The bad? There are a few complaints about quality and the inability to get a timely response from the company for any repairs. In addition, several complaints about turnaround time, which the company has occassionaly chalked up to 'growing pains'. Here's one review about the quality problems:

I was so excited to order a custom chesterfield sofa from COCOCO. I did a lot of research before ordering and decided to go ahead with the project. I loved the sofa when it arrived. Unfortunately within only a few months, one of the buttons popped off the back. Just a few weeks ago, a second button popped. I've only had this couch for about a year and it's barely used.  

There are also several COCOCO showrooms, most of which have Yelp pages with additional customer reviews. Here's one page for the NC store. A lot of the complaints surround issues with just slow shipping, and broken promises and poor communication. Seems like the company might need to work on some of its customer service capabilities. 

How Long Does It Take COCOCO Home To Ship A Couch?

COCOCO claims that the average shipping time is from 12-16 business days.

However, shipping times always vary and COCOCO recommends that you call them to see what the current lead times are for any item to see the estimated shipping time.

The number to call to get the estimated time to ship is 704-892-6680

Does COCOCO Home Offer Discounts?

COCOCO has an 'Outlet' page which you can find here, with various markdowns on its furniture. 


I'm not aware of any regular COCOCO discounts or promotional periods, but I would recommend signing up for their email list on their homepage

What Sort Of Warranty Does COCOCO Home Offer?

COCOCO provides a lifetime warranty on the sofa frame and spring system for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

Cushion cores are covered for 3 years. Recliner, glider, swivel, and sleeper mechanisms, mattresses and air mattresses are covered for 2 years from the date of delivery.

Electric motion mechanisms are covered for 2 years, and air pumps are covered for 1 year.

Fabric and leather are not covered by any warranty.

Do you have any experience with COCOCO Home, good or bad?

Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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